Slight improvement of NAV MKB Nedsense

As an investment company, MKB Nedsense focuses on investing in SME companies (1 to 10 million euro value) and supporting their growth ambitions. MKB Nedsense reports as an ‘investment entity’ in accordance with the IFRS 10 ‘consolidation exemption’. This means that the results of the majority interests are not consolidated. The investments and majority interests are all valued and presented at fair value. 

MKB Nedsense’s portfolio consists of four investments. MKB Nedsense owns 100% of GNS Brinkman and Axess. These two companies employ around 40 employees (FTE). The total turnover for 2023 of these two companies is €7.4 million with an operating profit (EBITDA) of €0.4 million.  MKB Nedsense owns smaller stakes in Almunda Professionals and TIB-TEC. During 2023, no new investments in SME-companies were made.

In 2023 MKB Nedsense achieved a net profit of €0.2 million (2022: €0.1 million). The income from its investment portfolio (equity and loans) decreased during 2023. This was offset by the low holding company costs and a release of a provision for audit costs. The Management Board and Supervisory Board propose to pass the 2023 dividend.

MKB Nedsense’s equity increased slightly from €9.05m (2022) to €9.20m in 2023. MKB Nedsense’s net asset value increased from 9.0 to 9.2 eurocents per share in the past financial year. Earnings per share for 2023 were 0.2 eurocents (2022: 0.1 eurocents).  

For further information we refer to the unaudited annual report 2023. On January 8th 2024 MKB Nedsense announced it has selected CFA to audit the 2024 annual report.