NedSense announces new supervisory board candidates

NedSense announces new supervisory board candidates

NedSense enterprises n.v. (‘NedSense’) and its subsidiary, Loft Inc, the leader in 3D visualization and virtual staging for the real estate and home furnishings industries, announces new board candidates who will help accelerate the growth in the real estate industry and value creation for NedSense shareholders. Elisabeth DeMarse, chairman and CEO of theStreet (US listed: TST), and Kai Guldemond, an experienced corporate and commercial lawyer practicing as partner at Blenheim advocaten (Amsterdam), will join the board after confirmation at the Annual General Shareholders meeting (‘AGM’) scheduled for June 18, 2015. At the same time, current supervisory board members Macky McCleary and Richard Louwers will step down. NedSense thanks them for their service and guidance through the significant transitions of the past few years.

Elisabeth DeMarse has extensive experience leading and growing public US internet- and real estate companies. Currently the Chairman and CEO of theStreet, Mrs. DeMarse has led multiple internet-focused companies over the last decade including Bankrate and In addition, Mrs. DeMarse has served on numerous boards including ZipRealty, a technology enabled brokerage that was acquired by Realogy last year. NedSense looks forward to Mrs. DeMarse’s guidance as it executes on its near-term strategic goal of becoming a key digital tool for real estate brokers representing sellers to attract and identify buyers through cost effective virtual staging.

Kai Guldemond, a partner at Blenheim advocaten, brings years of experience with corporate structure and the Dutch market to NedSense. Mr Guldemond’s focus and experience working with foreign small and mid-sized firms will be particularly helpful. Given Loft’s growth trajectory in the US market, NedSense believes Mr. Guldemond’s advice will be instrumental in deciding how best to structure the entities going forward to maximize value for NedSense’s shareholders.

Voting agreements from approximately 59% of the outstanding shares have been secured in advance of the AGM.

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